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    Greetings RotaryHeaven

    Sitting in my garage is a 1983 RX-7. I cannot find any designation for this model. It has;

    1.1l Engine
    Automatic Transmission
    Power Brakes (Manual Steering)
    Power Windows
    Air Conditioning
    Red Leather Interior (Seats, door panels, etc.)
    13,500 Kms from new.

    It has led a very sad sheltered life. The original owner bought it then got sick. Her car sat in a garage for years until they needed the space and the car was put on the driveway for a period of time (years?).

    A neighbour (as it turns out) saw the car and eventually got the original owners to sell it to him. He changed the gas tank when he bought it. He drove it for a while but needed his garage space for another project. He listed it on Auto trader with 12,000kms. My wife really liked this car and decided to buy it.

    Interestingly, this car has never gone more than 150kms from the original Mazda dealer!

    While in the sun the top of the door panels got cooked. I was able to obtain a pair of 1984 cloth red panels, but am on a search for replacement leather panels (or a way to have the originals rebuilt.)

    The seats are in very good condition. There are some dry patches that have been coming back to life with liberal usage of Leatherique conditioner.

    The silver paint got sun burned a bit on the roof and back ledge.

    When we bought the car we had to change the original tires to get it past the safety. We noticed that there was a leak from the master cylinder, so we had this changed.

    I have replaced a few of the carpet pieces in the rear. I have collected a number of plastic interior parts to change at a later date.

    My wife saw the car on auto trader and bought it. She then started to have medical issues that led her not to drive the car. I was driving the car once a week for about 100km loop, just to keep it going.

    The transmission started to leak. I thought it was a pan seal so replaced the gasket. It did not stop the leak (which as you would know is right above the thermal chambers, so the car wants to catch fire !!!!!)

    The car got pushed into the garage and other aspects of life took over. We have since moved twice and dragged the car with us.

    There have been lots of ideas thought of, having the transmission pulled and resealed. Have a different transmission installed.

    As this is my wife's car, I am not really that interested in it, but it was fun to drive, and I would suspect it would be different if it were back to fully operational condition.

    I have even had people try to convince me that I should swap the engine for electric, or even a SBC motor.

    Every once in a while I go searching through the web to try to get inspired. This is how I got to this site.


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    Hey there!!! I welcome you and thanks a lot for taking the time to write your cool story!!!

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    Hi 4garnets!
    This car really had a curious life.
    Since it's been barely used have you considered having it mechanically restored by a good, honest shop? Fixing the transmission leak is very easy with the tranny removed but a barely used car will need new fuel lines, water and brake hoses etc to be safe and functional. Since SA22C rx7 are slowly rising in value i'd consider keeping it after a decent restoration or selling it now to someone capable of enjoying it.
    I too have some annoying medical issues and the path I took was that of keeping my cars in tip top conditions to keep me mentally sane and capable of enjoying them the moment the tides turn
    Milk the mad cow!
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    You don't need a reason, just some steel, a welder and bloody big hammer!

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